Parber is an enterprising, dynamic and creative company composed by a professional group with a wide training and experience in the bakery, confectionery, restaurant and catering.

  We are capable of advising customers in their search for the best working solution to suit available space, manufacturing process, working lines and for future adjustments, extensions or modifications. We adapt to the customer’s needs, researching and developing products with the emphasis one ease of handling and guaranteed yield of investment.

  The main ain is to supply a growing market with all types of machinery and facilities. Our interest to improve in the search of replies to real market situation we have taken to develop a product which have our total warranty and is maintained in the last technology advances. The Parber products are manufactured to the strictest quality standards and high technology to serve you.

  By means of a long product’s range and services we offer a professional work to get our customers score the difference of an easier, economic and effective way. For the bigger and smaller projects, we are sure we can find the best solution for your company or necessities.Parber is led to give a service of high quality and totally personal. This forces us to be very demanding, so much in the design and develop like in the performance of our products. Our installations duly equipped and capable staffs constitute fundamental elements to achieve our purposes and to be faithful to our philosophy.

  The location of commercial offices in different countries has led to a big improvement in manufacturing costs, achieved making use of the advantages and necessities offered by each country.Parber has its headquarter in Bilbao surrounding, a few minutes of centre, and in the nearness of the Bilbao airport.

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